I have written newspaper and magazine articles, and ghostwritten speeches, created ads for public television and copy for a televised auction, and, contributing to the world’s ills, I conceived and wrote three blow-in subscription cards — those annoying slips of paper that fall out of magazines when you start flipping through the pages. The blow-ins were for Mountain Bike magazine and earned me the distinction of being the copywriter who came up with the best-selling card at the time as well as the one that ended up being the worst-performing ever — to this day. I’ve written an operation manual for a bike-building business, three wedding services (all still married), and entries for Encyclopedia Britannica, back when people still used paper encyclopedias. I got drunk once on Little Kings and, for a class in Advanced Humanities Studies, in five hours wrote a paper entitled “Homeric Lachrymation” that got an A+. The smartest guy in the class, Robert Cooney, who had gotten just an A, read my paper afterward and told me it was bullshit, and I agreed with him in full. Later on, our professor murdered his wife. These are some of my favorite nonfiction stories.

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