…a timely and charmingly evocative Bartlett’s of the bicycle.
Outside, on The Quotable Cyclist


Strickland’s lyrical prose and swift pacing lighten the material’s weight, but it remains a necessarily brutal read that goes several shades darker than most sports memoirs
— Publishers’ Weekly (starred review), on Ten Points


Following Strickland’s uphill climb, both in life and in racing, is a bracing and rewarding experience.
— Entertainment Weekly (Grade A-), on Ten Points


The sports-as-spiritual-therapy theme has been explored plenty of times, and perhaps Strickland doesn’t offer any blindingly new revelations, but his book is honest, and he doesn’t waste our time with banal observations or facile psychologizing. He is also a very talented writer, and readers should brace themselves for some very moving — and also some rather unsettling — passages.
Booklist, on Ten Points


Bill Strickland’s memoir Ten Points is about cycling the way A River Runs Through It is about fishing
Men’s Journal


Strickland weaves between his abusive past and hopeful future with heart-wrenching honesty, proving that “you should ask much, and expect much, of the people you love.”
— Parade, on Ten Points


…the story Strickland tells will grab you viscerally, frighten you thoroughly, and stick with you long after you’ve reached the last page.
— VeloNews, on Ten Points


His stirring story proves there is absolutely nothing less than world-class about his heart, and his race descriptions are sure to get every reader’s blood pumping, too.
The Week, on Ten Points


His account of the American’s doomed attempt is a masterly piece of reportage stuffed with expert insights into the Tour’s Byzantine tactics. A self-confessed fan, he does not shy away from the doping allegations that have dogged Armstrong,
—The Independent, on Tour de Lance


“Sports can teach a lot of lessons, and so can parenting, and Bill Strickland has been paying careful attention. If you’re a father or an athlete or both, this is a book you need to read; it’s not always easy, but every page is powerful and rewarding.”
Bill McKibben, on Ten Points


Ten Points is to cycling what The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner is to running: a story of grit and determination that transcends mere sport and in the process exorcises the demons of the past and finds redemption in the simple act of going forward in life. Read Ten Points first for the inspiration. Read it again for the music of its language and for its heartbreakingly honest portrayal of human beings struggling to do the best they can. Strickland has written an unforgettable book here, one that discovers joy at the end of agony and that helps us understand the ticking of our imperfect hearts.”
Mike Magnuson


The author is a gifted writer and supremely knowledgeable about the sport.
— Kirkus Reviews, on Tour de Lance


Strickland’s breezy style and insider knowledge produce high drama, low humor (who knew Tour riders sometimes stop en masse for a communal “arrêt pipi”), and a mind-boggling primer on pro cycling’s Machiavellian gamesmanship
— Texas Monthly, on Tour de Lance


 Strickland knows how to tell a tale, and the story sings along like a racer on the way to the finish line.”
John Grogan, on Ten Points